13 Ways To Raise HDL Cholesterol

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Cholesterol levels are a great measure of your cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, many people work towards lowering their “bad” cholesterol (LDL), while forgetting that there is “good” cholesterol (HDL) that needs to be raised.


When it comes to HDL, the higher the cholesterol the better! This may sound confusing to you, and that is why we are going to look closer at LDL and HDL, in addition to finding ways of boosting your “good” cholesterol levels.

The Two Types Of Cholesterol

For those who might be unclear about what cholesterol is, it is a substance found in our cells which works to build healthy body cells. As I mentioned above, there are two types of cholesterol in our body. These include:

  1. Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL)

LDL carries cholesterol through our body, transporting it to cells in our organs and tissues. However, if our body has excess cholesterol, the extra cholesterol circulates aimlessly throughout our body until is eventually deposited within our vessel walls- this is called plaque.

This plaque narrows the blood vessels and eventually blocks blood flow, often resulting in coronary heart disease. It is small wonder why LDL cholesterol is nicknamed “bad” cholesterol.

  1. High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL)

HDL works to pick up all the excess cholesterol circulating in our blood, eventually transporting these cholesterol particles to the liver where it is broken down. Therefore, the higher your HDL levels are the lower LDL cholesterol you will have in your blood. Thus it is referred to as the “good” cholesterol.

Ways To Raise HDL Cholesterol

The methods of raising HDL that I will outline below consist mainly of lifestyle changes. Changing even the smallest habits you have can have a dramatic effect on your HDL levels. Here are a few ways of boosting your HDL cholesterol:

  1. Quit smoking: While quitting smoking is difficult for many people, it can result in an increase of up to 10% in HDL cholesterol levels.
  1. Lose weight: For every 6 lbs of weight you lose, you can increase your HDL by 1 mg/dL. This means that by shedding off excess pounds you can dramatically improve your HDL level.
  1. Exercise more: Physical activity is great for increasing HDL cholesterol, and aerobic exercise in particular can lead to a 5% increase in HDL in just two months. If you walk, run, swim, cycle, do outdoor chores, and play sports for 30 minutes five times a week, expect great results.
  1. Drink a moderate amount of alcohol: Consuming alcohol in moderation has been shown to increase HDL cholesterol. Red wine in particular is recommended for everyone seeking to increase their HDL. Healthy men can drink two 5oz glasses of wine a day, while women can drink one. However, if you do not drink alcohol then do not feel pressured to follow this point.
  1. Consume Orange Juice: OJ contains flavanoid and hesperidin, and a recent study showed that consuming a few glasses of OJ a day for an entire month can increase your HDL by 21%. Tangerine juice can also be used as an alternative, but it should be taken with less frequency because it is high in calories.
  1. Boost your vitamin B: Two B vitamins have been shown to boost HDL, and these are niacin (B-3) and pantothenic acid (B-5). You can take these B vitamins in supplement form; however you should consult with your doctor because they have side effects.
  1. Take medication: Apart from the B vitamin supplements talked above, you can consider taking fibrates and statins which have been shown to raise HDL levels.
  1. Choose a healthy fat diet: A healthy diet consists of some fat, but this fat should be limited. You should avoid foods that are composed of saturated and trans fats, as they raise LDL cholesterol which in turn damages your blood vessels. In fact, saturated fats should make up less than 7% of your daily calories.

Instead your fat intake should come from mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, as they have been shown to improve the anti-inflammatory abilities of HDL. Foods that contain these healthy fats include olives, canola oils, nuts (walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds), peanuts, fish, seeds (flaxseed and flaxseed oils), and cheese.

  1. Eat fatty fish: In a continuation from the point above, fatty fish like salmon have been shown to increase HDL levels. By consuming fatty fish and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids once or twice every week, you can improve your HDL.
  2. Cut down on sugar: The more calories resulting from sugar, the lower HDL levels you will have. Therefore if you cut down on high-sugar foods so that they account for less than 5% of your calories, you can increase your “good” cholesterol.
  3. Eat whole grains: Fiber-rich whole grains like oat bran, oatmeal, and whole wheat products have been shown to boost HDL levels.
  4. Eat more dark chocolate: Moderate amounts of dark chocolate (1.5oz daily) improve the anti-oxidant properties of HDL.
  5. Eat red and purple veggies and fruits: Red and purple fruits and veggies have been shown to raise HDL and lower LDL. These include plums, purple cabbage, grapes, raspberries, eggplant, and apples.



With this information you can start implementing the lifestyle changes that will see you increasing your HDL levels in the months to come. Good luck on this journey!

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Tips for a woman’s killer body

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You should do it in threes:
Every workout has 3 variables: intensity, weights and volume. In order to keep your body guessing, you need to focus on one variable per workout: for example, you can increase the weight but you should lower the number of repetitions one day; also, you can lower your standard weight but instead you can add a set the next; or you can use your standard weight but you could do more repetitions faster on another.

Do not give up on the pull-up:
Very important exercise – pull-ups, which strengthen the biceps, lats, shoulders and middle back are very effective exercise for upper-body. You cannot squeeze one out? Well you could do plank pulls: You need to lie with your chest under a weight bar and you need to set to knee height on a squatting rack. Now you need to grab the bar with an overhand grab and you need to keep your body in one line, then bend your elbows and pull your chest toward the bar. You have to lower your back in order to start; try to do ten reps.
Row your boat:
You have to spend at least ten minutes on a rowing machine, before your strength train in order to get blood flowing to all the joints and muscles in your body. That is much better than stationary bike or a treadmill because it engages your core and upper body, and not just your legs.
Short-circuit your routine
You need to blast fat with a circuit that includes cardio and strength training: You should do a set of squats and then jump rope for one minute. After that do a set of push-ups, and jump rope again for one minute. You need to continue to alternate cardio and strength. While keeping your heart rate high, you are building muscle.

fitnessHow to eat:
You have to minimize refined carbs.
You mustn’t eat: cookies, breads, white rice, chocolate, honey, cereal, and anything with sugar or corn syrup. It starts to spike your blood sugar as soon as you swallow a refined carb, which produces excess insulin, which is a hormone that can be responsible for holding on to fat stores.
You need to eat 5 times a day
This means 3 meals and 2 snacks: 1 snack between breakfast and lunch, and 1 snack between lunch and dinner. The thing is that you need to have a steady stream of energy. And less food is not as taxing on your digestive system as 3 big meals. You must have 5 daily meals in order to stabilize your blood sugar, so you will not have hunger pangs or crazy mood swings.
You need to up your protein as well
In order to protect against insulin overload you need to have a balance of complex carbs, protein, and fat in every snack and meal. The advantage of high-quality protein, such as turkey, chicken and low-fat Greek yogurt: these foods contain amino acids, which help muscles to recover after workouts.
You need to limit your liquids
Vanilla lattes, ditch juices and sodas– these are all unneeded calories and sugar. You should drink only for 3 reasons. Drink water if you are thirsty. Drink black coffee if you need stimulation. Choose a vodka martini or a something similar non-mixed, simple drink if you want to take the edge off. In other words no cocktails such as Long Island or Mojito.

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What is Insanity Max 30?

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There are various workout plans in the market but the effectiveness of each one of them varies. Beachbody,the CEO, came up with insanity series which has turned out to be very effective and the best of all. Insanity series took the market by storm and virtually everybody has heard about it but very few have tried it. This series gives incredible workout which is much far better than what one can get in either with any trainer or gym. Any workout program should leave you better and strong unless you didn’t do them well. So what is Insanity Max 30?


Insanity series began in the year 2009 with the first episode called insanity the original. It became so selling and many people liked it even up to date. This encouraged the CEO and his team to come up with another episode called insanity Asylum. Some few years later, asylum volume 2 was released and there are many more insanity series to be released. The most expected series and which is termed as the best series ever released is insanity max 30.

This is one of its own kind workout and nutrition plan. It runs for sixty days; 30 minutes each day. it was majorly designed to enable you get shredded abs, good lean arms and amazing glutes. However, due to one reason or the other, you may complete the 60 days without achieving your set goals. There is no arm to repeat the entire plan and try as much as you can to improve your overall performance each time. As I said earlier, insanity max 30 workouts run for 30 minutes emphasizing on your cardio moves and strength to grant you the best shape that you desire. In these workouts, there are Tabata-style strength and 150 plus new cardio moves which don’t require any equipment. All you require is determination and commitment to complete those 30 minute sessions each day. Each workout has its own challenge; therefore, you should remain committed and focused to attain the promised results.

Maxing out literally means pushing your body than you think it is capable of. Though you must take into account your abilities and limits. Some people have the ability to max out up to twenty times into the workout while others can only manage two times. Interestingly, nobody has ever managed to last the 30 minutes, meaning the program is bit challenging. But you can continue building your stamina, endurance and strength by repeating the program each time. You should not be scared to use these workouts because you are new to fitness. It is quit interesting and promising regardless of your experience. Besides, there are modifiers in every workout which will enable you complete them with very low impact moves.

The 21 day fix feature makes this plan very unique. This feature has been a program of great help to many men and women who wish to reduce their weight. It gives guideline on how to eat properly; right meals with right portions. This is not a quick fix diet but it intends to inculcate proper eating habits into you. You can purchase these 21 day fix containers either separately or as max 30 packages.

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